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Porter’s Liniment Salve (2oz Tin)

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Recommended as a “beneficial application for bruises, rough and cracked skin caused by inclement weather, insect bites, sunburn and local irritations. The salve has a drawing quality, which works particularly well on slivers of metal, wood, or glass, beneath the surface of the skin.


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This is the only product of any kind that has never let me down. It has always worked on whatever area I use it.
Gordon Sundy

Why Porter's?

Contains a unique blend of five essential oils that work in unison to combat a wide array of everyday ailments. Porter’s Liniment Salve is truly the only salve that you need in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit! Our customers use it for a range of issues such as arthritis, sprains, splinters, insect stings and minor skin irritations.

Oil Cloves

Oil Cajeput



Oil Sassafras

A soothing first aid salve. Aids to prevent infections in minor cuts, burns and abrasions. Provides temporary relief of discomfort due to minor burns, sunburn, chapped skin, non-poisonous insect bites and itching. The salve has a drawing quality, which works particularly well on slivers of metal, wood, or glass, beneath the surface of the skin.
Chlorobutanol, Cresylic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Oil Cloves, Camphor, Ammonia, Oil Cajeput, Oil Sassafras, Myrrh: in a base of Petrolatum, Lanolin and Beeswax.

Healing since 1871

Passed down through generations

  • Family owned and operated
  • Cruelty free-no animal testing
  • Manufactured in the USA

Using the healing power of essential oils long before they were trendy

Always have a tin on hand

Most users keep several tins on hand. Here are some suggestions on where to keep an extra tin.

  • Barn
  • Potting Shed or Greenhouse
  • Car
  • Purse
  • Gym Bag
  • Desk
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen


Be sure to pack a tin of our soothing first aid salve wherever you go!

  • Camping
  • Backpacking
  • Boating
  • Sporting events
  • Picnics
  • Vacation
  • Kid’s camps
  • Work

31 reviews for Porter’s Liniment Salve (2oz Tin)

  1. vinelandknave (verified owner)

    For relief of sunburn = yes. For relief of scrapes = yes. For relief and healing of minor skin sore = definitely yes. Also, the absolute best price is right here on product website. Strongly recommended.

  2. Lynn (verified owner)

    Love. Love. Love. Porter’s liniment. Friend turned us on to it years ago. We buy it by the case. Instant pain relief and great infection control. Brought to Honduras for friends- now is most requested when we ask what can we bring you? Great for any cut, fish hook in your hand, etc. highly recommend!!!

  3. Sandra Arney (verified owner)

    My grandparents ALWAYS had a tin of Porters Salve on hand as did my mother.
    I’ve carried that tradition & now our son has a tin of the product.
    We travel with it so we’re prepared for those cuts, scraps. etc.
    The old saying ” if it’s not broke don’t fix it” applies to this AWESOME product.
    We don’t leave without it.

  4. Susan Mapel-Jackson (verified owner)

    Porters the best product around. I have use porters for 50+ years started out as a cut and scrape remedy. Acne healer and now cancer radiation burn relief worked better than the medicine prescribed. I have raved about this product to all of my family and friends truly the best product ever made

  5. tom trafer (verified owner)

    Best product on the market. My grandmother used it for everything. We always new it would take care of any scrap or cut. Great for splinters.Always draws them out. Now we have to keep this on hand for out grandchildren. 5 generations using this and I am sure it will carry on as long as it is available.

  6. Connie Kress (verified owner)

    My Grandparents used Porter Liniment, my parents used it and all my siblings and children use it, when my son in law got in to the. Family he laughed at us because we would say get the Porter Salve, he is a Doctor. Now 30 years later he don’t even go on vacation with a tin in his luggage.getting ready to get a new grandson by marriage and we are going to have convert him.our local pharmacy use to carry it, they closed so was happy to be able to order on line.

  7. Sharon OToole (verified owner)

    Porters salve has been a go to for my family for 60+ years. I use to speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, and acne blemishes. Most importantly for me is the instant pain relief and speedy healing of my dry, torn, or cut cuticles. I won’t be without Porters salve.

  8. Iris davis (verified owner)

    I just learned about your wonderful product about 5 years ago. I absolutely love it!!!!! When my grandkids were living with us they called it “grandma’s magic medicine “ it is the best thing for a multitude of problems. I use it on my dogs as well. I have shared it with family and friends, and everyone agrees it is” magical “ the way it heals. Thank you

  9. Victor

    Porters Products have been a part of my life since I can remember. My father used the salve or liniment until the day he passed away (94 years). Our neighbors would come to dad if they had a problem. He would put the salve, and bandage on the sore or cut. When I got married and moved away. He gave me a tin to take with us. I have done the same with my kids. They use the salve. I just gave my neighbor a tin. I had given him some for a sore he had on his neck. It solved his problem, and he wanted more. My dad would have done the same!

  10. Diane Maynor (verified owner)

    Love the product! I know of 5 generations that have used the salve in our family. This product works fantastic on burns, cuts and scrapes. My niece is recently married and just had a baby and I have given her a tin for her family. Matter of fact, my mother burned her arm this past Thanksgiving on the turkey pan and I put that on it and bandaged it up and it hardly left a scar at all, also healed it faster than the standard medications. When I order, I always order a case because everybody wants it. Highly recommend this product to anyone.

  11. Barbara Pettyjohn (verified owner)

    My daughter told me about Porters a while back. She said the chicken catchers used it to clear their sores up. My husband became disabled and had the rashes etc. from being in wet diapers. Put Porters on him and he would be clear by the next day. He’s in a nursing home now and have tried to tell their staff about it but since a doctor hasn’t prescribed it they don’t believe me. Had to show them it worked.

  12. Linda C Hodson (verified owner)

    I was raised on Porter’s, we lived on a farm and my dad swore by it. Recently my son developed a boil and ask if I had any Porter’s. He remembered his grandpa used it. I gave him what I had and ordered one for me and one for him. It made a great Christmas present and brough back a lot of memories from both our childhoods.

  13. Gayla Leland (verified owner)

    This is the absolute best product I have ever used I’m 65 years old and my grandfather used this product my mother and father and now my daughter and granddaughters we don’t use anything else thanks for such a great product

  14. Audrey Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Been using porter’s for over 50 years.My husband started using it when he was a mear cutter.little nicks and cuts would lead to infections from raw meat. No problem with porter’s. Iyse to teach food and nutrition to 4-h groups.one young lady had a hang nailand said it really hurt, put porter’s on it and a bandaid and told her not to take it off till morning.Next day she said it didn’t hurt and that I was better than her Dad. He was a doctor. When my son was little he was always calling, GET MR.PORTERS.for scrapes and bruises.My grandchildren always want it, even for mosquito bites. Porter’s is a way of life at our house.I can’t begin to tell you how many cans I’ve given away and told people to try it. They always come back with, where can I buy this. Fantastic product!!!!!

  15. JoAnn (verified owner)

    We are into the 5th generation of using Porter’s (Pain King salve as I knew it growing up). I grew up on a dairy farm and this was not only used on the humans but the livestock too. It heals wounds and is a great drawing salve for splinters. My personal best story is I cut the end of 2 toes with a push mower when I was about 12 y/o my father was so mad he refused to call the family doctor and back then you didn’t go to the ER, so twice a day I soaked my toes in peroxide and then put the ointment on and bandaged them, they healed nicely (not that I am recommending everyone doing something like this without seeing a physician) but I swear by the product as does the rest of my family, we all have tins of it in our houses, barns, campers and horse trailers. So happy the product is still available not sure what our go to would possibly be if it weren’t.

  16. Carol L Franks (verified owner)

    Oh my, years ago I moved to an area that had small black flies that would bite like crazy. I would welt up, they would get hot and I would scratch so bad I almost caused infections. My friends mom saw this and gave me a tin of Porters, TOTAL game changer; cleared up the bites. Worked so well I tried it on a rash that I suffered from all my life, used it 3 times a day and it disappeared never to return. LOVE this stuff

  17. Sue Owens (verified owner)

    I can’t remember when Porters salve wasn’t a part of my life .As a young child at my grandfathers general store I learned about Porters when I cut my foot on glass. My grandmother got the porters and a band aid. She took care of my foot and I thought the smell was horrible. My Grandfather, Thomas Huffman, owned a general store in Emison, Indiana. He carried porters in his store along with about everything else you could imagine. We visited every summer and at Christmas. My sister and I always looked forward to checking out his candy case where we could get a sack full of candy for a nickel. My mind carries me back there in his store and always to porters salve. My grandmother started us on porters, my mom continued to keep porters all my life. She would order salve and send it to each of her 4 children. We were raised to believe that as long as you had porters and a band aid or bandage everything was alright. I have continued to do the same with my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Thanksgiving all my crew was here and one of the great grandchildren had a finger nail to split but she would not let anyone touch it and was crying. I took her little hand and told her come with me. Mimi has a secret remedy. Tears were streaming down her face. She came with me to the bathroom where I got out a band aid and my secret (porters), Well, she would not let me touch the nail but she let me put porters on it with a q tip and a band aid, Tears dried up when I offered her an extra band aid and some of my secret to take home. This child is 4 years old and a foster child of my grandson and his wife, She found out really quick how good my secret was but told my grandson that Mimi’s secret fixed the hurt finger but sure did smell stinky. So you see she was already learning the tradition my grandmother began many years ago. I am 75 and learned about porters probably the age of this child. We have kept the tradition alive and well. I just received an order for 2 tins of porters yesterday. One for me and one for my brother. I have one sister and one brother living and all three of us have children and grandchildren and grands that we are teaching about porters. I don’t think I could live without it. I have used it for so many different injuries and burns and it never fails to heal us right up. Funny how Maria thought mimi’s secret was stinky because I love the smell and the memories of a life time when I get it out to use. It is by far the best there is to use on cuts. scrapes, skinned knees, shins or whatever, Nothing beats it .I am so thankful my grandmother used it on my cut so many years ago. It is the best product on the market and as long as I am living it will be a necessity for us. This all started in a little town in Emison, Indiana at an old general store and has been carried wherever we lived. I am in a little town in northeast Alabama, my brother lives in Monteagle, Tn and my sister is in Poteau, Ok so we are spread out. Thank you to Porters Salve for many years of comfort to the Huffmans, Owens, Whigham families and all those we have shared our porters with. Thank you for responding so quickly to my email. I think the order form I found in my file was 20 or 25 years old. Again, thank you so much Porters. We love it!!!!!!The porters salve gets rated a perfect 10 Five stars

  18. Brittany Porter Oliver

    My great grandfather, Bunie Franklin Porter, first moved to Kentucky as a salesman of this product. My grandfather, Lewis Porter used it his entire life, as well as our whole family. It is a great topical pain reliever and it pulls out infection, and has genuine healing properties. I applied to small cuts or insect bites to relieve pain and heal. I love this product and will always have it in my home and pass on the tradition of using it. My grandfather was smart and his use of this product was inspired by him because that man knew almost everything.

  19. Brittany Porter Oliver

    This product has been loved and passed down from when my great grandfather sold it door to door when he moved to Kentucky. It’s pain relieving and healing qualities can’t be beat. I’m not sure of the ingredient that creates the tiny crystals inside the salve, but it works and I will pass the tradition on of its use. This product will always be in my home for minor cuts and insect bites. It’s odd smell is aesthetically pleasing to me as it reminds me of my grandfather.

  20. Jenna Tassone (verified owner)

    Every time I use your product it brings back such fond memories. I can still hear my Grandmother (Meme) calling it Pain King Salve. She treated every cut, scrap, bee sting, you name it with the salve, so much so that everyone in my family as well as everyone I have introduced it to, calls it Meme’s salve.

  21. Denise Colby

    I grew up using Porter’s salve. When my kids were younger they both had a bad reaction to the stuff in diapers and they got red bottoms bad. Put Porter’s on it and left them bottom less in the crib and they cleared up in no time. They now use it on there kids for everything. They complain about the smell and I would tell them that it’s working that’s why it smells.

  22. D. Snarr (verified owner)

    You’ve often heard, ‘they just don’t make things like they use to’. In our ‘throw-away’ culture, I believe that’s true. Fortunately, they are still making Porter’s Liniment Salve using the same ingredients that my grandmother used as long as I can remember. It works! This salve is almost like magic and practically heals overnight. It cost more now, of course, but I think it’s worth it. I even like the way it smells!

  23. Jesica Brearley

    We love Porters! My kids call it boo boo medicine. My grandparents and my Great Grandparents used it for everything you can think of. Tonight I put it on an ingrown hair before bed and I’m confident it will clear it up, just like it has clears up cuts bruises and burns, insect bites and abscesses, as well as saving my grandpas finger when it was badly cut in a machining accident. Besides being amazing, the tin oats FOREVER! I literally can not remember a time in my life or my children’s we didn’t not have our trusted green and white tin of good-smelling boo-boo medicine! Thank you Porters for remaining consistently affordable and amazing.

  24. D. Arendt (verified owner)

    My sisters and I have always had Porter’s salve to use growing up. It is a true miracle ointment that I still use. It takes away any soreness or pain you have. I have been using it for 50 years now.

  25. Gordon Sundy

    This is the only product of any kind that has never let me down. It has always worked on whatever area I use it.

  26. Ruth Coil (verified owner)

    My whole family uses Porters Salve. My parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles swore by as well. My 3 sisters and their families all use it as did my late brother and his family. We grew up on a dairy farm and Porters Salve was always on hand for people as well as livestock. I remember a neighbor’s toddler grabbed a frypan of hot bacon grease and it burned her face, arms and chest. The mom called my mother and we went down with the trusted Porters Salve to help. The girl had absolutely no scars from those bad burns. I will always have Porters Salve on hand. We take it camping and on vacations. Thank you for making it available. Sincerely a very grateful loyal customer.

  27. Mary Baumer (verified owner)

    When you talk about a 105 year tradition — or 5 generations of production of this Salve, You’re also talking about 105 years of MY family using this product and most of the other products that was also produced back then. My family history is of Farmers. Porters was used on BOTH ANIMALS and Humans. All our family uses this product.

  28. Dawn Stuart (verified owner)

    I can’t live without my Porters! I have used it for 32 years on my lips, I get sun blisters very easy and when I feel one coming on I immediately put it on and it keeps them at bay. I live overseas now in the tropics where infections spread quickly and fungus can pop up in private areas and weird bug bites, I put it on EVERYTHING. I brought 4 cans with me and will pick up a few more when home for the holidays. I can’t say enough!

  29. Byron and Melissa Collins

    I married into a family that used Porters salve.
    My family used JRWatkins products.
    We would have debates which
    one was better.
    I got my husband to switch to Petro-
    Carbo. He is a plumber hands were
    always cracked,cut and bloody.
    After about a week his hands looked awful. He switched back to Porter’s. I have been a fan from that day on.
    I am a believer!!!
    By the way my husband’s Grandmother’s maiden name was Porter’s!

  30. Linda Walters

    Great product, a friend gave us a can of the Salve when my husband had his leg amputated, there were a few issues that needed extra care, it worked great. I would like to purchase several cans for friends and family, possibly by the case as I read on person put in their review. Please give me a price and quantity in a case.

  31. Kristen Lloyd

    Have used your salve for over 50 years and can’t do without it!

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