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Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers report great results from using the salve on pets and livestock. We recommend you consult your veterinarian before use.
That’s the smell of healing! Porter’s Liniment Salve has a unique scent due to the blend of essential oils in the salve. Each ingredient plays an important role in the healing properties of the salve.
Porter’s Liniment Salve is manufactured in the USA. Company headquarters have been located in small towns in Ohio since the product was developed in 1871.
Porter’s Liniment Salve is an excellent first aid for many skin-related issues.

There is no cause for concern if you find black specks in your salve. Occasionally the granulated Myrrh is visible; this is normal.

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Our satisfied customers want to share with you

This is the only product of any kind that has never let me down. It has always worked on whatever area I use it.
Gordon Sundy
Every time I use your product it brings back such fond memories. I can still hear my Grandmother (Meme) calling it Pain King Salve. She treated every cut, scrap, bee sting, you name it with the salve, so much so that everyone in my family as well as everyone I have introduced it to, calls it Meme’s salve.
Jessica Tassone